May I Have This Dance?

This was the ad promoting the Annex Hall in 1926 when it was a dance and event hall. The Annex building was built in 1903 by Lyman Robison who made his money in mining investments in Leadville. An article in the Cañon City Clipper on June 12, 1903 described the grandeur of the new building. … Continue reading May I Have This Dance?

Now and Then: The African-American Community in Cañon City 1902-1937

By Loretta (Stevens) Bailey Now: In searching RGRM&HC’s family files, subject files, property files, city directories, donor files, and archival photographs, I found this research fascinating.  I also found my own knowledge of these residents was very limited and sketchy. In this blog you will find demographics, occupations, residences, places of business, churches, schools, and … Continue reading Now and Then: The African-American Community in Cañon City 1902-1937

Cop To It

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D) so what better time to post a brief history of the Cañon City Police Department? Of course, law enforcement as we know it today was drastically different during the early settlement of the west. During the 19th century, there was no police organization in the American western … Continue reading Cop To It

Imagination Fuels Innovation

You wouldn’t necessarily guess that bicycles and automobiles had much of a connection other than as a means of transportation but many early bike manufacturers also became pioneer automobile builders. In fact, many companies that still produce cars today have a history with bicycle manufacturing according to Carlton Reid, author of Roads Were Not Built … Continue reading Imagination Fuels Innovation