Home Sweet Holmes

Cañon City at one time was a city of doctors. With the combination of tuberculosis sufferers, mining towns, and a prison, there was never a shortage of work for doctors. Dr. R.E. Holmes arrived in Fremont County as a company physician for the Colorado Fuel & Iron (CF&I) Company and never left, deciding to make … Continue reading Home Sweet Holmes


Sister Cities: Cuidad Serdán, Puebla, Mexico

(Follow the links to read the previous articles about the sister cities of Kahoku, Japan and Valdai, Russia) Cañon City has a strong link to music, which is especially noticeable in the Music and Blossom Festival held the beginning of May each year. But there is a connection to Mexico through music many people may not … Continue reading Sister Cities: Cuidad Serdán, Puebla, Mexico

Now and Then: Bumback Spring (1870’s to 1970’s)

By Loretta (Stevens) Bailey Many, many years ago a spring was naturally born to provide water for many different purposes at different times.  The source of the spring was an aquifer. As snowmelt and rainwater trickle through cracks and fractures in the rock formations, the aquifer is filled and the water table rises. The water … Continue reading Now and Then: Bumback Spring (1870’s to 1970’s)